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outdoor training at Grüsn 80
Tuesday, 12.30 - 13.15 Uhr
open for everybody

Taiji teaches us through movement, to relax internally. By keeping the attention in the body and feeling the ground under our feet, the mind is able to relax.
The secret of relaxation is not to do nothing, but to do it in the right way.


For more Information about Taiji

Patrick Kelly

Batia Galon (Jerusalem)

Christine Schneider (Wien)

Micheal Plötz (Hamburg)

Sylvia Tambellini (Versilia/Italien)


"Sich mit Taijiquan zu befassen, bedeuted entspannen und loslassen zu lernen."

"Alles, was ich will, ist ein Mensch zu werden."

Cheng Man Ching

Januar 2018
"A human who does not bond with the Earth goes crazy."
(Oyate Shunkawaka Waste, Lakota Sioux Shaman)

"Magic lies in awareness of the body" (G.I. Gurdjieff)

"There are no secrets, only things too small to see."
Cheng Man Ching

"Fitness is different from health. Fitness is gained and lost quickly, but health is lost and regained over a long period of time. Few people notice their health leaving until it is gone."
Patrick Kelly

"In working with yourself, you start with the outer form; then that outer form brings an inner feeling; and finally that inner feeling brings a deeper sense of freedom"
Chögyam Trungpa "The Truth of Suffering"

The most fundamental obstacle to an intellligent response to a difficult situation, lies in the fact that almost every muscle in the body is geared up to resist whatever force comes toward it, even gravity itself. Rather than bein in relationship to what is occurring and responding accordingly, the body instantly rejects..."
Clelia Vahni "Stainless Heart"
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